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Ibn Albaitar Pharma is a licensed pharmaceutical service provider offering a wide range of services to the healthcare sectors including supply of Pharmaceuticals, Medical devices and food supplements. Our lead team is consisted from a group of pharmacists with over 10 years experience in this field and our multi-site sales team are well equipped and experienced to fulfil your needs.


We provide with an excellent service, the best price combined with high quality products for our clients. We have access to wide range of products from low priced generics to well-known branded drugs as well as Otc medicines. We do also supply of supplements, supplies and cosmetics to the pharmacies and other health sectors over the country. Our strategy and we are in the process to be the exclusive distributor of a number of international companies in Libya.

Currently, we are the sole exclusive distributor for the following companies
* Health Aid
* Fushi Wellbeing
* Nior London

Our customers include:

Distributors & Wholesalers
Hospitals & Pharmacies
Nutrition & body care shops
Supplement stores


Our mission is to help you

To provide the most advanced remedies to our medical community and patients.To provide the recognition & career prospects to our employees that each one deserves. Also, to look after the society in order to inhance and improve the life of those who need it the most.


To improve the quality of life of people by supplying high quality products that comply with their needs.

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